Indian Summer

It being autumn as I write this, the Ontario landscape is rich in smoky hills, vivid colours and bluejays calling. A poem that people of my vintage memorized in school replays in my mind. It is William Wilfred Campbell’s “Indian Summer”.

What has this to do with Georgian Bay? Well, the poet grew up on the shores of the Bay and, while most of his writing took place elsewhere, no doubt he had memories of the hills and valleys of Bruce and Grey Counties dressed in their fall colours.

As I seem to do every year at this time, I try to recall the poem and have to do an internet search to find the correct words. This year was no different, but I discovered more about Campbell including the fact that he was raised in Wiarton and attended high school in Owen Sound. The southwestern part of Georgian Bay may have influenced some of his poetry — at least it is nice to assume this and it’s not likely to be disputed as the poet died over a century ago.

To read the poem and learn much more about William Wilfred Campbell visit this website:

And for Sweetwaters readers along the shores of Grey and Bruce, enjoy the fall tableau all around you.

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