Returning to Lost World Lake

What Marion and Dorothy found 15 years later (Contributed by Marion McLeod. See also A Hidden Birdland, below.) We actually did it! After 15 years, now doing field work in 2021 for the third Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, Dorothy and I returned to one of our most remarkable breeding bird sites. With great anticipation weContinue reading “Returning to Lost World Lake”

The Asia — Georgian Bay’s worst marine tragedy

“Go where you will on Georgian Bay and let the talk turn to vessels wrecked or lost, the name of the Asia will soon be heard.” Those words were penned by Fred Landon in his book “Lake Huron”, published in 1944 as part of The American Lakes Series. Landon had sailed on the lakes forContinue reading “The Asia — Georgian Bay’s worst marine tragedy”

How we love this place…

If you have read “About this blog” and gone on to “Who is this Ancient Islander“, you may understand how I came by my affection for Georgian Bay. But these legacies are not unique to me or my extended family. Numerous permanent and seasonal residents have felt the pull of this region for centuries andContinue reading “How we love this place…”

Royal visitors steam into the Bay

The St. Lawrence Seaway was officially opened in 1959 by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. They came to Canada and proceeded up the new waterway system to the Great Lakes aboard the royal yacht Britannia. Doing so, they demonstrated the purpose of the Seaway in opening the centre of theContinue reading “Royal visitors steam into the Bay”

Frank Rourke was a man with ‘sweet waters’ in his veins

To followers of this blog, the Rourke name might ring a bell. There are posts about Juanita Rourke, and her brother-in-law Emery O’Rourke. There also are mentions in other posts of Juanita’s husband Frank Rourke. Now it’s time to do the memory of Frank justice with a post about him and his incredible affinity forContinue reading “Frank Rourke was a man with ‘sweet waters’ in his veins”

Early years at Hope Island Light

Charles Tizard was the first lighthouse keeper at Hope Island, between Collingwood and Midland. He started the light on Oct. 27, 1884, and closed it down Dec. 15 at the end of the navigation season on the Great Lakes. The Celtic was the government supply ship at that time. On Jan. 4, 1886, Tizard sailedContinue reading “Early years at Hope Island Light”