Returning to Lost World Lake

What Marion and Dorothy found 15 years later (Contributed by Marion McLeod. See also A Hidden Birdland, below.) We actually did it! After 15 years, now doing field work in 2021 for the third Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, Dorothy and I returned to one of our most remarkable breeding bird sites. With great anticipation weContinue reading “Returning to Lost World Lake”

Viewing the Bay at its best from a rock camp

This canoe camper captures the gentle and raw nature of Georgian Bay at a season when few, if any, others are about. On Philip Edward Island, despite ice still choking Collins Inlet, he watches myriad early birds returning from migration, sees an otter prowling the rocks, gazes at the spring stars, a “red” moon andContinue reading “Viewing the Bay at its best from a rock camp”

Searching for the Waubuno

Midway through September, 1957, my friend Peter Saunderson and I organized ourselves to head up the Inside Passage to find the remains of an old paddlewheel steamer wrecked in a wild November storm in 1879. The Waubuno first captured my imagination as a boy after World War 2 when I read the account of herContinue reading “Searching for the Waubuno”