Spooky, or what?

On our page Who is this Ancient Islander the cottage Wasa-Waba is mentioned as where it all began for me. But there is another side to this quaint old place, one that might make your hair stand on end.

In the 1920s Wasa-Waba was a small store, probably only seasonal for the nearby cottagers and Honey Harbour-ites. When we would pass it going to and from Wahnuhke years later, the remains of a large dock big enough for steamers to land, could be seen at the shore. So at the peak of summer it might have been quite busy.

Early in the spring one year the proprietor went missing. Eventually, his body was found in one of the outbuildings. He had been bludgeoned with an axe. Robbery was thought to have been the motive.

Police believed the killer to have been a local person who had likely confessed to the parish priest but to no one else.

Both killer and priest took the secret to their graves.

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