Sweetwaters Gallery

A family’s connection to Georgian Bay expressed in artwork and photos.

Indian Pipes (oil painting by Helen Ritchie Hegnauer)
Snow at Wahnuhke, 1939. Isabel With, Granny (Amy) Ritchie, June With, unnamed housekeeper.
Jet trails at sunset over Sandy Island. (Marnie Graham photo)
Old lumbermen’s church, Port Severn. (oil painting by Helen Ritchie Hegnauer)
Steaming down the sun. (Ritchie With photo)
Sunrise at Manitou. (Gregory With photo)
Sunset at Manitou. (Gregory With photo)
Wahnuhke pines (by June Chisholm)
Fall colours (Kenneth With watercolour. Pinkham collection)
Dawn mist, Wahnuhke. (Kenneth With watercolour. M. Cox collection)
Mink Islands, 1950s, (Kenneth With watercolour. Pinkham collection)
Early morning, Wahnuhke’s north point (Kenneth With watercolour Pinkham collection)
Late fall sketch, 1930s. (Kenneth With watercolour. Graham collection)
Winter twilight at Good Cheer Island (Kenneth With watercolour. Graham collection)
Gathering storm at Manitou (Kenneth With watercolour. Graham collection)
Chisholms (Beth, Steve, Robin) sunset fishing, Withrock 1966. (Ritchie With photo)
The boathouse tree, Wahnuhke (oil painting by Helen Ritchie Hegnauer)
Beausoleil Bay, 1930s (Kenneth With oil painting. Chisholm collection)
Indian Pipes (Barbara Pinkham water colour)
Wild Iris (Barbara Pinkham water colour)
Kids go exploring under an ominous sky. (Marnie Graham photo)

3 thoughts on “Sweetwaters Gallery

  1. Have spent sometime perusing these long gone days with the Ancient Islander. There is a charm and an honest story teller’s musings in these memories. Carry on, Ancient Islander!


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