From mouths of babes…

I can’t say I actually remember this, so it must have been during the summer of 1939 when I was three. Our front window looked out to where the Inside Passage wended its way among the islands south of Cognashene. One very foggy day as the grown-ups were chatting on the other side of the room, a piping little voice shouted:

“Good God! There’s the Midland City!”

Adult conversation stopped dead, and all eyes turned to the window. The fog had lifted and there indeed was the inter-island steamer away off course among the reefs west of the island. Luckily, she hadn’t run on any yet.

The spotter, myself, had obviously echoed words heard from a parent. Probably to avoid the disapproving glare from his devout mother-in-law, Dad lifted me onto his shoulders and we went outside to watch the skipper extricate the ship from the reefs and regain her course on the Inside Passage.

One thought on “From mouths of babes…

  1. Amazing story really. You all came close to witnessing another Great Lakes shipwreck, right in front of the cottage. What good eyesight that 3 year old had!


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